Combustion By-Products (UPS) 

are anthropogenic minerals resulting from the combustion of hard coal, lignite and biomass. UPS are mainly used as raw materials for the production of cement, concrete, concrete products, ceramic blocks, road binders and drying materials, as well as are widely used as aggregates and fillers in road construction. In the circular economy approach, UPS plays a key role, mainly as a substance that is able to treat other anthropogenic minerals used in the building materials industry.



The Elpologistyka company offers comprehensive management of combustion by-products (UPS) from the power industry, such as: fly ash, slag, ash-slag mixture, microsphere, flue gas desulphurization products, including gypsum, bottom ash (from the Green Power Unit fluidized bed boiler).



Our products can also be used to raise the low ground and in the process of reclamation of unfavorably transformed areas:
  • Fly ash CE – fly ash for cement and concrete
  • in accordance with the PN-EN 450-1 standard – used for ceramic products
  • construction, prefabricated concrete, production of mortars, adhesives and plasters,
  • Ellmix – artificial aggregate for
  • road foundations, soil stabilization, construction of lower and upper layers
  • road embankments, in the Ellmix 2 and Ellmix U variants,
  • Ellmix R – artificial aggregate for reclamation of unfavorably transformed areas
  • Ellmix Ice – artificial aggregate for winter road maintenance,
  • Ellmas – artificial aggregate for
  • unbound and hydraulically bound materials for roads,
  • ElpoGreen – a mineral soil conditioner.
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From 01/01/2015 until now, Elpologistyka has been providing the service

management of combustion by-products at Enea Elektrownia Połaniec S.A.

The Company also provides a service for the collection and management of UPS at TAURON

Wytwarzanie S.A. branch Elektrownia Jaworzno III, TAURON Wytwarzanie SA

branch Elektrownia Siersza SA, ENEA Wytwarzanie – Elektrownia Kozienice in Świerże Górne.

It is worth mentioning that the company has extensive experience in cooperating with Enea Elektrownia Połaniec S.A. – for several years we have provided the service of ash removal and management of the PIORY waste landfill.

More precisely, Elpologistyka provided a service in the field of equipment operation, technological processes and installations for capturing ash from flue gas. The electrostatic precipitator ash collected in the installation was transported dry to storage silos, and in the next stage it was loaded onto road and rail cisterns. The ash and slag mixtures were transported to the landfill by hydrotransport.

Elpologistics at the „Pióry” landfill provided furnace waste exploitation and gypsum storage services.

In addition, at the „Pióry” furnace waste and „Tursko” gypsum landfill, Elpologistyka monitored:

1. Monitoring of the volume and composition of the leachate

2. Groundwater monitoring

3. Monitoring of suspended dust concentration

4. Monitoring of precipitation

5. Monitoring of the water level in the landfill

6. Monitoring of settlement of embankments.


As a result of research, which is carried out within the Company’s own resources, by its own research and development department, work is currently underway on building materials that will allow for better use of waste resulting from the combustion of coal and biomass.

At the same time, we assure you that Elpologistyka makes every effort to ensure that its activities meet the needs of customers as fully as possible and that it is conducted with respect for the natural environment.