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    ELPOLOGISTYKA” Sp. z o.o., whose President of the Management Board Mariusz Dudek started its activities 1st February 2003. It was established as a result of the process of privatizing and restructuring of T.Kościuszko Power Plant (named currently Enea Power Plant Połaniec ) from a fusion of separate units of the Equipment and Transport Department and Supplies and Warehouse Management Department. Since 2011, 100% shareholder of the Company has been „Eko-Biomasa” mited liability company. The company started its activities as an independent business unit on 1st February 2003. Since 1st January 2015 it has been providing services of removal of ash and slag from power unit boilers, management of slag, ash and gypsum landfills, as well as, management of combustion by-products in Połaniec Power Plant (fly-ash, ash-slag mixture, gypsum, microsphere). In 2015. The company conducts pickup and management of coal combustion products in Tauron Production S. A. – Branch Power Plant III.

    Scope of activities:efekty uboczne spalania świętokrzyskie

    • Management of combustion by-products: fly-ash, ash-slag mixture, gypsum, microsphere;
    • Removal of ash and slag from power station boilers, slag, ash and gypsym landfills;
    • Carrying out laboratory tests: fly ash, cement, aggregates, soil, reagips and fertilizers;
    • Purchase of wood (sawmill) residues;
    • Purchase and trading of biomass, e.g. thick and fine woodchips (sawdust) within domestic and cross-border traffic, pellet and straw briquettes, sunflower husk pellet;
    • Transport services, domestic border road transport of people and goods;
    • Management of car fleet;
    • Repair services and rental of building and construction equipment;
    • Warehouse services;
    • Trading activity of fuels, additives (sand, sulphur), scrap;

    efekty uboczne spalania świętokrzyskie
    Quality policy – business strategy Elpologistyka Sp. z o.o

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    The company manages approx. 1 500 000 tonnes per annum UPS


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