ELLMIX Aggregate

The ELLMIX aggregate 
is an artificial aggregate made of furnace slag, obtained as a result of the progress of hard coal and co-fired unit. The ELLMIX aggregate received a positive assessment and the supply of construction material as artificial aggregate from furnace slag for unbound materials and hydraulic materials for road materials. ELLMIX meets the requirements of KOT no.IBDiM-KOT-2020/0511 2nd edition issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw. It has a fine-grained form. Load capacity above 10%.



The ELLMIX aggregate is used in transport engineering according to KOT No. IBDiM-KOT-2020/0511 2nd edition. Application, among others:
– for leveling and macro-leveling areas, filling voids in road construction,
– for leveling ballast for pavements made of small-sized concrete and stone elements,
– for unimproved hard surface implemented in the technology of mechanically stabilized aggregate surface in accordance with the requirements of PN-S-06102: 1997, as grading aggregate,
– for layers of embankments according to the requirements of PN-S-02205: 1998, as granulating aggregate (possibly drying) or independently,
– for earthworks and in the construction of airport pavements after improvement with binders,
– for the construction of the track bed in terms of native soil or embankment, without improvement or after improvement with binders


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