ELLMIX Aggregate

The ELLMIX aggregate 
is an artificial aggregate made of furnace slag, obtained as a result of the progress of hard coal and co-fired unit. The ELLMIX aggregate received a positive assessment and the supply of construction material as artificial aggregate from furnace slag for unbound materials and hydraulic materials for road materials. ELLMIX meets the requirements of AT No. IBDiM No. AT / 2015-02-3119 / 1 issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw. It has a fine-grained form. Load capacity above 10%.



Aggregate gets into the bond according to ATBDIM, works according to AT / 2015-02- 3119. Application, among others: 

– For hard pavement without drying in the pavement technology with mechanically stabilized aggregate acc. 

– To PN-S-06102, 

– For earth ones according to PN-S- 06102 PN-S-02205, lower and upper layers of embankments, 

– Implementation of the unbound foundation extending in the lower layers according to WT-4 2010

 – Implementation of the better foundation according to PN-96023 and for the formation of the pavement base according to WT-5 2010.

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