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 efekty uboczne spalania świętokrzyskie

Combustion by-products

zakup i obrót biomasą Połaniec

Biomass purchase and distribution

usługi transportowe świętokrzyskie


usługi laboratoryjne Połaniec

Supply services

dział sprzedaży Paliw

Fuel Sales Department

 terminal przeładunkowy staszów

Staszów Handling Terminal






Combustion By-Products are mineral substances generated from combustion of hard and brown coal. Since 01.01.2015 ELPOLOGISTYKA she provided the a service of Combustion By-Products management in Enea Power Plant Połaniec, as well as the offtake and management of Combustion By-Products in TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. (TAURON Generation) – Power Plant Jaworzno III Branch and Elektrowni Siersza S.A. Combustion By-Products from power plants are becoming more widely applied in building materials industry, constructions and increasingly in road building. Our products may also be used for the reclamation process in degraded areas.

Combustion By-Products:

Ash-slag mixture
Bottom ashes (from the fluidised bed boiler Green Power Unit)

Products: Product List – click here

Fly-ash CE
Ellmix 2 (U)
Ellmix R
Ellmix Ice

Ash removal and slag handling service

Operation of ash and slag removal Elpologistyka provides services in the field of equipment operation, technological processes and installations for capturing of ash from the flue gas. Reception (Collection), transport and loading of ash in the dry state and moistened by road and rail. Elpologistyka produces and handles (operates) compressed air installations according to the needs of Połaniec Power Station and other contractors operating on its territory. Organizes, in accordance with the rules and procedures of the contracting authority, and supervises – all maintenance works and investment carried out on the objects provided to it by the Power Station.

Pióry landfill

The Elpologistyka storage site called “Pióry” provided services in the scope of operation of furnace waste,, Pióry “and gypsum storage,, Tursko”. According to the provisions of the Waste Act, the furnace storage site,, Pióry ‘is a non-hazardous and inert waste storage site. On the storage site the process of storing a mixture of ash-slag is carried out, which is designed for production installations landfill artificial aggregate material with slag for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for roads trade name aggregate ELLMIX. On the gypsum storage site ,,Tursko” synthetic gypsum is temporarily stored a by product from the Flue Gas Desulfurization Plant, which is used to produce aggregate trade name Crushed filling ELLMAS. On the furnace waste storage site “Pióry” and gypsum ,,Tursko” Elpologistyka conducts monitoring of the following:

1.Monitoring the volume and composition of leachate
2.Groundwater monitoring
3.Monitoring of the concentration of particulate matter
4.Monitoring of precipitation
5.Monitoring of the water level in the storage site
6.Monitoring of subsidence embankments.

UPS Sales Director- Ryszard Dobranowski
phone: + 48 600 784 064
e-mail: ryszard.dobranowski@elpologistyka.pl


Biomass Service and Distribution Department deals with acquiring and selling biomass for energy objectives by means of road and rail transport.

Biomass is acquired on the national and international markets (imported from Belarus and Ukraine) in a form of:

– thick woodchips
– fine woodchips (sawdust)
– edgings
– sunflower husk pellets
– cereal straw pellets
– cereal straw briquettes
– dried fruits

The recipients of the abovementioned range of products are mainly power plants and heat and power plants from across Poland.

Our biomass meets the requirements of the Minister of Economy Regulation of 18 October 2012.

Plant biomass purchase (i.e. sunflower pellets, straw pellets, sugar beet pellets, dry fruits, etc.)

Head of the Biomass Trading Department – Joanna Kubala

+ 48 728 887 790

e-mail: joanna.kubala@elpologistyka.pl


We kindly inform that for the purposes of the biomass highest quality we have implied and used a system of the biomass suppliers’ assessment and qualification.

We have a Certificate of Conformity of a Due Diligence System

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We provide transport and forwarding services for Enea Power Plant Połaniec and for the companies run at its site. We also rent our means of transport to other companies for transporting materials, as well as people.

We have heavy machinery (bulldozers, charging cars) used for servicing the fuel coal landfill and the ‘Pióry’ combustion waste landfill, but also for various construction works. We have mobile cranes with lift up to 27 metres and load capacity up to 40 tons, which are used for a variety of throughput, assembly, or emergency works.

Robert Iżyłowski – Manager of Machinery and Transport Department
 +48 15 865 62 54
 +48 604 279 200
e-mail: robert.izylowski@elpologistyka.pl

Henryk Grabowski – Dispatcher of the Equipment and Transport Department
 +48 15 865 62 54
 +48 604 279 300
e-mail: henryk.grabowski@elpologistyka.pl

Marek Kasa – Workshop Master
 +48 668 457 318
e-mail: marek.kasa@elpologistyka.pl

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Purchasing Department deals with supplying materials and goods for own use and reselling, as well as servicing own and Enea Power Plant Połaniec ’ s warehouses.

The commercial activity involves e.g. marketing of diesel fuel (in accordance with OPC/13479/8522/W/OKA/2014/KT  concession), additives (sand, sulphur), gases, and metal scrap. The recipients are Enea Power Plant Połaniec, the companies established as a result of restructuring the power plant in 2003, but also other companies run at Zawada Power Plant site.

Warehouse management deals with receipt and distribution of materials and goods, but also maintains all the necessary documentation. There are warehouses, squares, and sheds leased especially for these purposes. Marketing department operates on computer programmes when dealing with supplies and warehouse management.

Marketing Department’s scope of activities includes planning, analysing needs for deliveries and sales, supervising the implementation of contracts, waste management, and supervision over the whole warehouse management.


Commercial Director – Jacek Dziadosz
 +48 882 170 294
e-mail:  jacek.dziadosz@elpologistyka.pl

Head of the Fuel and Supply Department – Rafał Ziętarski
 +48 728 887 778
e-mail:  rafal.zietarski@elpologistyka.pl

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Dział Sprzedaży Paliw

Dział Sprzedaży Paliw obejmuje swoją działalnością sprzedaż hurtową paliw z dostawą do klienta na terenie województw: świętokrzyskiego, podkarpackiego, małopolskiego.
Sprzedaż paliw prowadzimy też poprzez Zakładową Stacje Paliw, która mieści się na terenie Enea Połaniec S.A. w Zawadzie w naszej siedzibie.

Współpracujemy z największymi dostawcami paliw w Polsce: Grupa Lotos.

Oferujemy paliwa w konkurencyjnych cenach. Posiadamy zaplecze logistyczne, nowoczesny tabor transportowy, wykwalifikowany personel, który zawsze służy fachową poradą, indywidualnym podejściem do każdego klienta. Posiadamy wszystkie wymagane prawem koncesje i uprawnienia oraz spełniamy wszystkie wymagania prawne w obszarze logistyki paliw ( koncesja OPC/13479/8522/W/OKA/2014/KT)
Naszym nadrzędnym celem jest świadczenie usług na najwyższym poziomie, zapewnienie Państwu ciągłości dostaw w atrakcyjnych cenach, oraz prowadzenie biznesu według etycznych zasad z poszanowaniem środowiska.

Osoby kontaktowe

Jacek Dziadosz – Kierownik Działu Paliw
tel. +48 882 170 294
e-mail: jacek.dziadosz@elpologistyka.pl

Rafał Ziętarski
Specjalista Sprzedaży
tel. 728 887 778
e-mail: rafal.zietarski@elpologistyka.pl

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Head of the Fertilizer Department – Radosław Kornicki
phone: + 48 600 614 146
e-mail: radek.kornicki@gmail.pl


Staszów Handling Terminal

We provides services in handling and loading cars on a broad-gauge railway for various kind of assortment, e.g. loose fertilizers, fertilizers in big-bags, forest and agro biomass, gypsum, clay, steel, etc. We are also in disposition of a hardened yard in Staszów of the area of 9948m2 localised directly at the wide rail way no. 105 (the length of the rail way 267mb) which gives the possibility of direct storage of goods into the tent hall or onto a square without shelter.

We prepare a declaration for a custom clearance on the border (SAD documents).

Elpologistyka Sp. z o.o. also has the potentiality of handling goods from “Polish” cars onto broad-gauge cars at its disposal (the Polish railway track no. 17 passes through our yard).

We have long experience in handling powdery goods and big-bags. We have been providing this kind of services for the benefit of Połaniec Power Plant since 2011.

Mariusz Łazarz
phone: +48 882 082 420
e-mail: mariusz.lazarz@elpologistyka.pl

Ryszard Dobranowski
phone: +48 600 784 064
e-mail: ryszard.dobranowski@elpologistyka.pl

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Elpologistyka has its own professionally equipped laboratory which has carried out tests both products offered by us, as well as provided laboratory services to third parties. Our laboratory offers professional surveys (tests) in the field of fly ash research, cement, aggregates and land reagips and fertilizers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.



Research and Development Manager – Beata Kosatka
 + 48 728 887 770
e-mail: beata.kosatka@elpologistyka.pl

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