Transport and machinery services

usługi wykonawcze Połaniec

We provide transport and forwarding services for Enea Power Plant Połaniec and for the companies run at its site. We also rent our means of transport to other companies for transporting materials, as well as people.

We have heavy machinery (bulldozers, charging cars) used for servicing the fuel coal landfill and the ‘Pióry’ combustion waste landfill, but also for various construction works. We have mobile cranes with lift up to 27 metres and load capacity up to 40 tons, which are used for a variety of throughput, assembly, or emergency works.

Executive services:
• Crimping of powered hydraulic hoses
• Vulcanization services – passenger cars, light- and heavy-duty vehicles
• Contact-free car washing
• Car repairs and servicing

Robert Iżyłowski – Manager of Machinery and Transport Department
 +48 15 865 65 40
 +48 604 279 200

Henryk Grabowski – Dispatcher of the Equipment and Transport Department
 +48 15 865 62 54
 +48 604 279 300

Marek Kasa – Workshop Master
 +48 668 457 318